Destin Florida - Traveling with your pet

Destin Florida Pets Welcome Vacation Rentals

For many people, pets are more than just animals. They are part of the family, they accompany us to stores and run errands with us, they are part of our everyday lives.

Leaving them in kennels or boarding them for long periods of time can sometimes cause unwanted stress on our pets. We know how important our pets are and as such we encourage you to include your pet in your vacationing plans.

Here are some tips and recommendations when traveling with your pet to the Destin Florida area.

  • ♥ Always make your pet comfortable, bring his/her favorite toys, beds or pillows that remind them of home.
  • ♥ Always keep plenty of water in a clean dish in a bathroom or kitchen when you are out.
  • ♥ PLEASE pick up after your pet when walking them on or off the property.
  • ♥ Please keep them on a leash at all times; While your pet may be under perfect voice control, other guests may become apprehensive when they see an unleashed pet.
  • ♥ Bring all your pets shot records and any medicines they may need while traveling.
  • ♥ Bring a recent picture of your dog along with you.
  • ♥ Remember that one bad experience with a dog guest may prompt management to refuse to allow any dogs. Be considerate of others and leave your room and the grounds in good condition.
  • ♥ If for any reason your precious pet should become ill please visit our list of recommended Vets.